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eyeDooH, is an OFFSHORE content creation service for DOOH. eyeDooH is a highly-specialized service mainly focusing on content repurposing, raw material editing, simple DOOH content creation as well as DOOH-channel template assembly. We can handle your repetitive and basic content creations with high quality and with a competitive price tag. On top of that, our team is expert in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) media.
Besides its focus on specialized DOOH content agencies, eyeDooH also aims its capacities towards DOOH network owners and DOOH solution providers and service integrators.
We have an international team that can handle your communication and project follow-up

For example :

You plan to promote your product, you need someone to edit your content; eyeDooH can help.
Your clients want to have an idea of what their ads will look like in their mall, eyeDooH can show them, by editing the ad into Flash animation or a photograph of the mall as an example.
You have got the raw content material and you know what you want but not how to assemble it for digital signage; eyeDooH can do it.
You need to add fillers to your content such as animated pictures but you do not know how to do it; eyeDooH does.

eyeDooH, offshore content creation services for digital out-of-home
Added on 6/3/2010
An Introduction Movie showing eyeDooH core business skills...see more on our website.

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