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Autoscript is the market leading manufacturer and provider of multiple award winning end to end prompting solutions, with an extensive network of dealers, distributors and technology partner’s world wide. Autoscript have an unrivalled R&D resource within the prompting market, with expertise in all forms of Television production. This strength is the clear reason why Autoscript are chosen to supply all the worlds leading and most prestigious broadcasters in the world.

Autoscript Displays Intelligent Prompting IP Enabled Teleprompter System at NAB 2017
Added on 5/19/2017
An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Aaron Brady of Autoscript. Autoscript, a Vitec Group brand, is the leading global provider of professional teleprompting equipment to broadcasters. Autoscript's new Intelligent Prompting system offers the world's only fully IP-enabled, end-to-end prompting workflow. In this interview Aaron talks with us about the Intelligent Prompting devices, including the innovative EVO-IP prompt monitor, which connects to the WinPlus-IP prompting software via an IP network, enabling extremely flexible integration and operation in any location with network access. The new EVO-IP prompt monitor is the slimmest broadcast prompt monitor available, with a depth of just 41.5mm. Its sleek, lightweight design is perfect for productions using even small robotic camera supports. As an Intelligent Prompting device, the monitor includes IP connectivity and scroll engine functionality so that it can connect directly to the WinPlus-IP software application via an IP network; displaying smooth scroll prompter video without the need for an additional scroll engine. HD-SDI and Composite inputs are also included. A new rear panel for all connections improves cable management, and the integral back plate houses a quick release mechanism that allows rapid attachment/detachment of the monitor to/from the Intelligent Prompting mounting system. The EVO-IP on-camera system comes with Autoscript’s new Intelligent Prompting mounting and carbon fibre hood. The complete monitor, hood and mounting assembly has been carefully calculated to minimise the number of parts, vastly improve setup time and reduce the lens opening at the back of the hood. The lens is sealed using a flexible ring, giving greatly improved access for direct control via hand grip, or for connection of pan bar z/f control. The CLOCKPLUS-IP time code, tally and camera number display (not included), can be simply attached to the front of the EVO-IP, giving an attractive, unified appearance. The EVO-IP accepts the widest choice of time inputs available including Network Time Protocol and D-VITC. The prompt monitor offers a high-bright, high-contrast solution in a smart new package. It ensures the script is clearly readable in any light while improving setup time and integration into modern broadcasts. The Intelligent Prompting solution connects to WinPlus-IP, an updated version of Autoscript’s WinPlus teleprompting software. WinPlus-IP builds on existing procedures, such as shortcut keys and layouts, while including improvements to the software’s ease of use, such as clearer menu structures and added functionality. The software’s modern user interface includes a device status tool to enable monitoring and management of all Intelligent Prompting devices on the network. These new features ensure that broadcasters avoid the downtime and errors associated with learning a new system and benefit from simple, centralised management of all devices. In addition, Intelligent Prompting includes a new, radically different desktop controller with improved ergonomics, providing a comfortable, neutral hand position, adequate wrist support, and left- or right-handed operation. For more information please visit: http://www.autoscript.tv

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