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G-Force Protective Services provides security services to all types of productions and events.

Location and Production Managers rely on G-Force Protective Services to protect their stages, locations, parking meters, transportation departments equipment, set pre-rigs, base camp, pre-parks, walkaways, generators, grip and electric, construction, greens, crew parking the list goes on and on.

Location Managers and Production Managers often have location changes, call times pushed, shooting extended.
G-Force Protective Services understands the industry and is the most trusted Security Guard Vendor in the State of Florida.

We have developed a unprecedented training course just for the production industry. All guards are Licensed by the State of Florida and hold a valid production training certificate from our academy.

We will go anywhere in the state for your production needs
Call 305-283-3528 24hours a day 7 day a week to get security at your locations within a few hours

We have been in the industry since 2008.

G-Force Protective Services
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