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Hollywood, California

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I am an Assistant Director with extensive managerial experience in organizing, scheduling and supervising teams and or groups of people from the beginning of a project through to completion. I have over 15 years of experience in the Motion Picture & Television Industry. In this role, my key responsibilities are to organize pre-production, including organizing the crew, securing equipment, preparing schedules. I attend to the details. I coordinate and supervise cast and crew activities and facilitate and organize the flow of production activity all the while keeping in mind time limitations as well as budget restraints. I also oversee the search,survey and managements of those locations as they might affect production. I also of course prepare day to day schedules and production timelines.
My responsibilities have been the following: Overseeing, analyzing and troubleshooting assignments/projects from start-up until completion. As well, reporting on those assignments/projects with accurate, objective analysis. Crisis Management, Group decision making, Building/forming production department, Organizational consultation, Planning analyst, Negotiation/problem solving, Budgeting, Staff Supervision, Interviewing/recruitment.

I have been in the industry since 1980.

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