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Analog Sound Studio is a hybrid Digital/Analog studio that combines the performance & quality of outboard hardware with the speed & efficiency of digital software, allowing artists to quickly obtain a truly superior Hi-Fi recording that will sound ALIVE with glorious detail & incredible clarity . Despite having all the toys & amenities of a professional commercial studio, Analog Sound is not a typical recording facility. Started in 2004 by Engineer/Producer David Wesley, Analog Sound Studio was designed & created specifically for artists tired of being "pushed in" & "pushed out" of other studios. What makes Analog Sound so unique is the customized, personalized attention & free pre-production work that is seldom seen in other commercial facilities. Not a single microphone will be placed until your material has been properly studied & analyzed. Your record will be tracked & mixed in a way that is emotionally-driven, ascetically pleasing, crystal clear and reflective of David's vast array of technical knowledge & understanding of the physics involved. Your recording will be sculpted by one of the best ears in the city, and while David's work certainly carries a signature that speaks for itself, the final product will be tweaked to your specifications, upholding your original vision, yet amplifying it's artistic integrity.

The studio currently offers a plethora of wonderful recording equipment and a phenomenal tracking space that consist of a spacious live room, two large isolation booths, a pre/post production studio, and gorgeous control room that is equipped with tons recording software AND hardware & top-shelf microphones, as well as just about anything needed to get the job done right. All walls & floors are constructed as "free-floating" & are completely isolated from even the smallest outside vibrations.

We have been in the industry since 2005.

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