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Moonfish Creative -- Face-to-face interaction has, traditionally, been the method by which great organizations have created change, and motivated their constituencies. Nothing has changed. While the internet, email, social networking, webcasting, and podcasting, have provided new and exciting platforms by which to deliver and disseminate messages and ideas, nothing is more riveting than an eye-ball to eye-ball, heart-to-heart interaction with leaders. Nothing is more impactful than a room full of your contemporaries, who feel the same emotional and gut connection to the organization (and to eachother), and who want to win. Moonfish helps you do that. We’re a Communications Company that specializes in Event Communication and Implementation. We help you to develop and hone your ideas, and create the most impactful, insightful, experiential messages, so that your audience not only GETS it, but they BECOME it – they become emotionally engaged, and tied to the organization’s success.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

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