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So I have to say I have had and still do have a pretty cool job. I have been professionally recording, mixing and producing artists in the recording studio for the last 25 years. I don't stick to one style of music. How boring would that be? From The Eagles to Erykah Badu to Brian Blade the diversity is all over the map. I've been nominated for Grammy's and I have had the opportunity to travel the world to help musicians work on a piece of art. In the end the record we work on together is permanent and a piece of art just like a painting. Each project I take is special and each project is done with care and attention to detail. Nowadays I see projects all the way though to distribution since we have about 5 different formats the record will be released on. This becomes very confusing for the artist, and since most artists are having to deal with all the technical details on their own I stay with them through to the end to make sure the quality is not jeopardized.

I was fortunate enough to start in this business before we had to look at a screen to record music. For me analog gear is second nature because that's all I knew before there was a computer in the control room. My career started while working strictly on an analog desk with a tape machine. In fact I still like to use tape when budgets permit. Do I think it's better, or necessary? Absolutely not. I have made plenty of great records without tape involved. In the end it's not about what format you use to make your record, it's the music that's coming from the instruments that matter. I have been a very big adopter of using the technology to it's fullest. I started recording at 24bit 96Khz back in the early 2000's and never looked back. Tape was still in my workflow back then but in order for me to switch to digital the quality had to be there. It wasn't easy to pull off back then with the hard drive speeds but I found ways to make it work. It was the only way I switched over to working in the digital format.

Some of the artists I've been fortunate to work with in a studio setting have been U2, Erykah Badu including her Billboard #1hit "Bag Lady", Everclear, Destiny’s Child, Fuel, The Polyphonic Spree, along with remixes for Peter Gabriel and Death in Vegas, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Eagles number 1 record “Long Road Out of Eden”, Don Henley’s number 1 record “Cass County” as well as Brian Blade and The Fellowships Grammy nominated record “Landmarks”, Jim Lauderdales “Soul Searching”, Luther Dickinson’s Grammy nominated “Blues and Ballads”, Neville/ Jacobs featuring Ivan Neville and Cris Jacobs, Dave Mathews and Jakob Dylan.

The Recording Academy has also been a big part of my career. From serving as President of the Texas Chapter as well as Trustee ,to serving as Governor and Co-Chair of the P&E Wing for the Memphis Chapter.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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