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Emmy Award-winning Steadicam Owner/Operator in Orlando, FL. Heavy experience in Live TV/Event, Commercial, Music Video, Corporate, Concert and Film production. Experienced formats include 35mm, 16mm, Alexa, RED One/Epic, Varicam, XDCAM. Clients include, Golf Channel/NBC Sports, Universal Studios, NBC, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Under Armour, Emilio Estefan, ESPN, FSN, NASCAR, Cisco, Hallmark Channel, PGA of America, SAP.

Since a young age, I was passionate about the technical aspects of Film/Video production, but had no ties to the industry. But one thing I could do on my own was to turn average footage into stunning images through post-production, an itch which began the pursuit for the "Wow Factor", an aesthetic that leaves the audiance asking "how did they do that?"

During college, I pushed open many doors and was blessed with a variety of opportunities to succeed in multiple aspects of the industry. I was hired as a post-production intern at Grand Rapids, MI based Lawrence Productions Inc. where my passion for achieving that "Wow Factor" for the viewers was fueled by observing professionals in the Avid rooms. But it was my experiences outside of the office that introduced me to 35mm film, professional cinematography, and the art of Steadicam. It was clear that I could make images through the camera that moved audiances on a greater scale than anything I could do as an editor.

I had not even graduated college yet, but knew what I wanted to do. I payed my way out to Los Angeles to receive personal Steadicam training from the professionals at Tiffen. Since then, it has been a whirlwind. For my Alma Mater, I produced two feature/magazine and sports highlight shows that still live on, multiple jumbotron and NCAA Football recruiting videos that featured my Steadicam. Since then, I have expanded my skills into the commercial world, translating my ambition into successful marketing campaigns for multiple high end clients. I see every day as an opportunity to one-up myself. I am currently working as the primary Steadicam Operator for the Golf Channel, where I've been successful in creating a flashy, yet polished Steadicam look for the network's first 360° High Definition studio. I am available to consider and book new projects.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

OnBoard a Live TV Steadicam Op's rig w/ Director's Track
Added on 6/6/2013
Experience Live TV studio production at the Golf Channel through the eyes of the Steadicam Operator. With multiple GoPro HD Hero2 cameras mounted on this Steadicam Ultra2 system, operator Mike Germond shares his eyes and ears with you with you, accompanied by Director's Track. Steadicam Operator: Mike Germond. www.OrlandoSteadicam.com

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