Albert W. Hedgepeth III

Wilmington, North Carolina


About Me

Albert William Hedgepeth III is an energetic, limitless, outgoing, award winning, curious, always in motion, and principal production focused "Team Member." His passion and focus is solidified with his wife, family, the brands/agencies/clients/stories he serves, surfing, learning to kite-board upwind, skydiving, boating, and traveling abroad to generate a more realistic/world-life realization.
Albert's vision in life starts in the grounding that, “the family he works with, continues to provide stability for every brand touched.” Albert’s current life-focus is on building a Healthy, Mind, Body, and Spirit. Albert continues a lifestyle focused on family, friends, hard work, and always having a smile!
Albert accelerates at analyzing what is “Written” and “Realizing” it to 1s’ & 0s’. His extensive production experience provides a skill set quick enough to balance any budget and trick even the most experienced and detail oriented eye.
Albert has facilitated a variety of extremely profitable communications throughout his career. Most recently he is know for his work on feature films including: Bay Watch, Master Minds, Were The Millers, The Conjuring, The Hunger Games, The Strangers, and The Secret Life of Bees. Albert has also worked on a variety of episodic/reality television shows like Under the Dome, Fatal Attractions, Sleepy Hollow, 48HRs, Maury Povich, and Elimidate. Recently, Albert has focused on working with brands like Reeds Jewelers, Daniel Defense, Cooke Capital, Wilmington Dermatology, and Harmony to generate award winning brand awareness and marketing content.
Albert realized early on; experience, passion, strong communication skills, an open ear, and a collaborative approach offer the greatest “ROI” in life.
Albert studied film production and creative writing in his undergraduate and has earned his MBA with a marketing focus.

I have been in the industry since 1995.

I Am Homicide
Added on 9/16/2016
I Am Homicide, a docuseries that will follow a Charlotte, NC, detective “with more than a 90% success rate” as he works cases.

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