Diana Meneses

New Orleans, Louisiana

About Me

With both an M.A. and Ph.D. in History, I have extensive experience researching a variety of topics, particularly on historical subjects.

Much of my research background is a combination of library and archival research (at small archives and the National Archives branches nationwide as well as in D.C.), online databases, interviews, observation, and imagery.

Other Background: I spent a year working for an Emmy-award-winning filmmaker assisting with some research as well as the editing of a final script for funding submission with historical photographs and other images. I subsequently worked with him again for other NEA funding submissions. I also have experience transcribing interviews recorded digitally as well as on audio tapes.

Bilingual: Native speaker fluent in English and Spanish and able to work professionally in both languages.

Am available for independent contract work on a part-time basis at per project or per hour rates. Currently located in New Orleans with occasional time in San Antonio and Phoenix metropolitan areas.

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