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Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, California

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Hello, my name is Paul Meyer and I have produced multiple video projects on time and on budget. I have excellent coordinating, management, contracting, and media content development skills unless my intern forgets my coffee. Just kidding!

I am an expert in online media management, online marketing, audio visual tech support, and producing (scheduling, artist management, entertainment law, contracts, negotiation, pre-post production).

I hold a BA in Justice Administration, MBA in Media Management, MFA in Film Studies, and Masters certificate in Adobe Creative Production Suite CS4-CS6. I'm also very fluent with Google Docs/Drive and Microsoft Office Suite. I can create databases, organize and create documents on the fly, and get everyone coffee and donuts to keep smiles on faces.

I've worked predominantly with non-profits, freelancers, and new start-up companies.

In my free time I work on writing my own feature film scripts, books, ebooks, websites, short amateur films, and business ideas.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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