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Studio session drummer, live sound & recording engineer as well as film maker & TV/radio add producer are a few titles describing the skill set of Indianapolis based record producer James B. Eldridge. Eldridge formerly worked as a warehouse manager & radio promotion assistant beginning in yr 2000 & again in 2009 for one of the largest & oldest black owned Gospel record companies in the world Tyscot records. While at Tyscot Eldridge became known for assisting in Gospel artist records getting to radio for airplay & retail stores under direction of Tyscot president Bryant Scott. In 2004 Eldridge resumed the journey to become a skilled studio engineer/ record producer. with the helpful platforms of social media Eldridge gained followers well in the thousands who got instant notifications of upcoming music produced/released. His social media grind allowed 7 radio singles he produced & released independently to chart #1 in the midwest region in less than 6 hrs after being released without any radio airplay or major advertisement. Many using Google in search of a producer with a rich Midwest sound would often see his name pop up and contact him for work. Mr Eldridge was shocked to find out that in Google searching he was rated as literally the #1 record producer in the Midwest region of the U.S.A. Mr. Eldridge is currently owner of companies Eldridge Music Group LLC & Fire Work studios in the city of Indianapolis IN. Mr Eldridge can be reached at (317) 438-4164 email Eldridgemusicgroup@gmail.com

I have been in the industry since 1990.

The Hit man
Added on 9/17/2021
A stream of hit singles from 2011 - 2021


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