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Jib Operator 14 years of jib experience with 22 years of production experience.

Jimmy Jib Operator
CamMate Operator
JitaCam Operator
Egripment Remote Head Operator
Stanton Remote Head Operator
Peepod Remote Head Operator

Owner of 39' CamMate camera crane and multiple dolly bases, 360 degree dutch roll head, skateboard dolly, jib arm

Remote Head Operator: Egripment mini shot, Egripment Hot Shot, PeePod 1000, PeePod 500, Stanton remote head

We have been in the industry since 1995.

Jib Reel
Added on 12/7/2009
Flying Jibs ® is owned and operated by Robert Hayton who is based in Arizona. With fourteen years of jib operating experience and twenty two years of production experience, Flying Jibs ® brings experience, skill and a professional work ethic to every production. It is Flying Jibs ® mission to provide state of the art camera cranes and jib arms to production teams who are on the cutting edge of innovative programming. Whether the shot requires a birds eye view of the action below or a sweeping move that maneuvers the camera in - above - or around a scene, Flying Jibs ® provides superior equipment and skill to meet and exceed your expectations. http://www.flyingjibs.com

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