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My personal website: kevinmichaelproductions.com

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I am an electronic music producer involved in music licensing for TV and Film. My music has been used in high profile shows such as 2012 Emmys, 2014 The Voice, 2016 Miss USA Pageant and MTV's #1 "Jersey Shore" to name a few.
My focus is the breakout track, upbeat, catchy and memorable. My specialty is electronic pop/dance. My music has been used for Lifetime TV's #1 "Dance Moms" and movie"Sorority Wars", Make Me a Supermodel Australia, Despierta America, Comedy Central, TLC and various television programs throughout the world. Always looking for talented vocalists to produce new material with.

We have been in the industry since 1995.

Bob & Weave
Added on 8/26/2020
Client that came for another project I chose to work this production with him. I wrote the music, produced and engineered the song.

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