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I am an experienced London based DP/Cinematographer who seamlessly blends a sense of creativity with broad and detailed technical knowledge. For the first ten tears of my career I worked in several London based TV newsrooms but since choosing to become freelance in 1997, I now work on a wide range of projects ranging from award winning documentaries to corporates, commercials, light entertainment and drama.

I am experienced at working solo in terms of filming and recording sound but am equally comfortable directing a large crew shoot. I am skilled at lighting and creating images that really make an impact. In addition, I am always keen to try out new ideas and to push the boundaries of what the budget and technology will allow.

Over the years I have gained a reputation as a competent director and being able to coax the best from professional actors to camera-shy CEOs. Part of my directing skill has developed from my experience as an editor which was honed during my time working in news and which I am still happy to incorporate in the jobs I accept.

Through my company Department 43 Media, I have produced a number of projects for a range of international clients. The challenge of tailoring these projects to a client’s specification is made easier by my ability to tap into the contacts I have built over many years in the industry - a pool of talent from across the UK and Europe - and my detailed knowledge of production techniques.

The company has produced everything from single and multi-camera productions, live broadcasts and streaming/webcasting, as well as event videos.

I have been in the industry since 1988.

Michael Sanders DP reel
Added on 3/10/2017
A brief demonstration of some of my work


DOP – The Paedophile Next Door

May, 2014 — January, 2015
Television – Testimony Films

DOP – The Girl Who Forgave The Nazis

May, 2015 — January, 2016
Television – Testimony Films

DP – Realise

December, 2016 — December, 2016
Music Video – Solid State Disco

DOP – Heroes Of Helmand

May, 2015 — February, 2016
Television – Testimony Films

DP (part of team) – Britain Greatest Generation

April, 2014 — May, 2015
Television – BBC 2

DOP – The Cell

May, 2015 — May, 2015
Short Film –

DP/Director/Editor – Ahead of The Curve

January, 2009 — February, 2009
Corporate – Cunningham Lindsey

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