About Us

We Are
Fruit Tree Studios. A husband and wife team who’s passion is making wedding films.

We know
Your wedding day is about more than just the traditional events. Your wedding day is made up of hundreds of distinct moments. These moments form the makeup of your wedding film. So that we can tell your unique story.

We believe
In not only capturing the authentic moments, but capturing them well. So that years from now your family can experience the full grandeur of your church all the way down to the tear on your husband’s cheek as he sees you coming down the aisle.

We enjoy
The challenge of filming a wedding. It isn’t a commercial, there are no second chances. It is hard to put into words, but we find it immensely gratifying to capture these once in a lifetime moments. To be able to give a couple a film that portrays just how blessed they are and how much they are loved. Well, we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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