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TRUE Studios is an award winning creative video production company in Columbus, Ohio.

We have over 15 years of marketing and creative communications experience. So when we produce a corporate video, we think about it a little differently. We also pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customers and only charging for the actual time spent on a project.

So the next time you need a creative video produced, ask yourself...

What if it were TRUE ?

We have been in the industry since 2000.


Added on 3/22/2014

Video Production Philosophy - Columbus Ohio

It's not "about us". It's about ALL OF US. Whenever we are behind the camera, the focus is on working together, telling compelling stories and getting real results. As we've been updating our…

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Video Production Philosophy - Columbus Ohio
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Cardinal Health SVED Basic Operation Training Video
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About TRUE Studios
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What if it were TRUE?


Cardinal Health The Ohio State University Capsa Solutions The Ohio Dental Association Efficiency Smart Socius WNCI Selective Micro Veeam


Sony FS-100 Canon 7D Sony VG10 Sony FX1 and Z1Us 1500 square foot video studio featuring a 16 foot cyc wall Six 750 watt strobe flashes Numerous backdrops Green Screen Final Cut Pro Three GoPro Senheisser lavaliere microphones Boom/directional microphones LED and Tungsten lighting


True Studios provides excelent work that is creative, on time and on budget. They understand the needs of the client and deliver outstanding results.

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