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As Production Designer with a keen eye and attention to fine detail, Carol Strober has a passion for outstanding design with an extensive background as an architectural and interior designer, as well as being an award-winning fine art photographer – all of which give her an edge in creating uniquely cinematic settings.

The importance of collaboration in the film process was emphasized at The American Film Institute, where Carol earned her MFA in Production Design. She was mentored there by legendary, Academy Award™ winning, Production Designer Bob Boyle who recommends Carol as, "a great asset."

From project to project, Carol enjoys the challenges of a new script and being part of the team that brings its worlds to life through skilled visual storytelling. She makes it her constant goal to use all of her resources to realize the Director’s creative vision. “My inspiration flows from the script. The movie plays in my head as I read – the words conjure images that become the basis for my dialogue with the director and creative team. I always strive to seamlessly enhance the emotional storyline that the director, writer, and actors bring to life sometimes supporting the theme, and other times in counterpoint.” Her films have been screened at many film festivals from Sundance to Berlin, and stand for quality and artistic excellence well beyond their budgets and schedules:

“Made on location in New York City on a tight 18-day schedule, [Starting Out in the Evening] sports impressively high production values, notably…production designer Carol Strober's warm, lived-in interiors.” – Scott Foundas, Variety

“Man in the Chair, a modest but intelligent feel-good movie…Everyone involved should be saluted.” – Rex Reed

“Inspired production design and exceptional performances are the polish on this emotionally penetrating effort…” – Shari Frilot, Sundance, on Thirteen.

Strober’s work has set the stage for actors as talented and diverse as Frank Langella, Holly Hunter, Don Cheadle, Christopher Plummer, Lily Taylor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, Terence Howard, Evan Rachel Wood, Lauren Ambrose, and Jeremy Sisto. Carol always works to give actors spaces that feel real and grounded, allowing them room to bring the world of the script to life.

“Designing original evocative spaces, collaborating with creative and talented people, and knowing that your efforts are going to be shared with such a large audience are all benefits of the job.” The opportunity to work in this context is one for which Carol is grateful. “ I have the best job in the world, working with so many talented artists and being able to realize the worlds I imagine.”

I have been in the industry since 1994.

Carol Strober Production Designer
Added on 5/8/2011
Demo reel for Carol Strober showing a sampling of feature films she's designed.

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