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WELCOME! OUR APPROACH (and our motto) is "LET'S CREATE AWESOME." But before we get there, look up and down this list at some of our competitors. Do most of them say something like " We are a full service video production company?" Cool, okay, sure. But what we've realized is, in a world that is inundated with videos everywhere, IT'S GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE BIT MORE CREATIVITY TO STAND OUT. It could be just one little change, one extra shot, one cool idea, or even just a fun, supportive, positive atmosphere that turns a good video.... into an AWESOME VIDEO! Two man crew or two hundred, our goal is never to just meet your needs. We always strive to exceed your highest expectations. We've shot and produced videos all over the United States and the world, from a small factory in Maine to a big factory town in mainland China. Commercials, corporate presentations, sales videos, meeting openers, event coverage, instore reels, pr recaps, instructionals, post production fixes, full length episodic, you name it, we've probably produced it, shot it, or edited it. We owe all of our success to our growing and ever expanding list of great clients, large and small. Thank You! And for those we haven't worked with yet, give us a call or text us for a quick quote, check out our website and together, Let's Create Awesome.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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Added on 3/28/2016
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