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Serving Southern California -

VR Legal Resources offers FULL Litigation Support for all your Audio and Video Forensics, Scanning, Photocopying, Coding, Trial Presentation, Depositions, Legal Animation, Synchronized Depositions and Project Management needs.

We are also expert witnesses in cases requiring forensic video or audio clarification and are certified in providing forensic clarification services.

Synchronized Text Video Depositions by our Certified Legal Videographers is available throughout Southern California. Video Depositions may be synchronized with text and linked to trial exhibits. Compatible with PowerPoint, Visionary, Sanction and Trial Director.

We offer full court room presentation capabilities, including document scanning and coding, pre-trial preparation as well as rental of screens, projectors, Elmos and computers
Skilled, experienced technicians are available for court presentations.

We have been in the industry since 1985.

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