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VoiceoversByTrish is America’s emerging voice over talent. Trish Basanyi's voice over acting is America's choice for radio and television. Her voice over acting is compelling. Her voice over acting is widely used in corporate multimedia projects, including animated graphic studio projects, streaming video, DVD marketing promotions and web site design.

As a voice over actor, Trish Basanyi is proactive and professional. She is most commonly retained by Fortune 400 companies to complete a diverse list of voice over services, such as radio, television, websites and multimedia projects. In addition, Trish does real estate virtual tours, podcasts, product marketing distributed by corporations on DVD and for use on corporate office on-hold phone systems. Share this moment to learn more about voice over actor Trish Basanyi by using the convenient navigation buttons above or click on Trish's large voice over acting sample button below.

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