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Media Planning Consultants provides Advertising, Direct Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Promotional Marketing, Web Design and Video Production.

Selecting effective advertising vehicles to promote a business can be a taunting task for many companies. Confused by individual media claims, dollars spent are often wasted on incorrectly chosen media or poorly executed plans. Even worse, an organization may feel so overwhelmed by the choices available that it does no promotion at all, thus assuring an eventual loss of business.

Media Planning Consultants takes the guess work out of creating a targeted, well executed plan and can develop an optimum media mix and budget that will provide the best ROI.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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Added on 12/1/2010
The vision of Media Planning Consultants is to establish a partnership with each of our clients, consult on advertising and overall marketing plans, assist them with the different components of effective advertising and serve as a 'watch-dog' by auditing advertising invoices and confirming that the ads ran as promised. Why Choose Media Planning Consultants? MPC is your one stop solution for all your advertising needs. We consult with you every step of the way to make sure we develop the best marketing campaign for your business to help you maximize your advertising budget. These customized media services include: * Comprehensive Media Planning (Defining your target markets) * Budget Preparation (Based on factors including advertising objectives) * Media Creative Consulting and Development (Branding, Logos, Long Format Shows, TV and Radio Commercials) * Media Invoice Audits (Reviewing invoices for accuracy, reviewing commercial segments to ensure they ran as placed and negotiated, verify all 'make-good' ads ran as promised) * Special Event and Promotion (Assisting in grand openings, charity events etc.) * Website Design/Maintenance (Creating custom websites and Hosting) * Production (Creative concepts for TV and Radio commercials, script development, professional voice-overs, on camera talent and custom jingles) As listed above, MPC not only determines the best marketing solutions for your business but also establishes tools to measure the results! We offer many different avenues to advertise to your target market! Direct Mail , TV Advertising (Broadcast & Cable), Radio Stations, Outdoor Billboards, Newspaper/Magazine, Internet

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