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(855) PSA-Video - Since 1971 Production Services/AZ has been of service to large, small and start up companies. For nearly 50 years we have provided complete production services for projects such as our recent projects for HEAD Sports, wnd.com, our video and animation work with our Italian client, Stilo Development, and our many corporate videos for training, live events, marketing as well as web casts. Read our client feedback about how passionate we are about customer service, and we provide full-service standard and high definition production services from web content to broadcast. We invite you to our website for complete information and samples.

We're also provide streaming and on-demand video and multimedia content anywhere in the world through our studios in AZ for internet, intranet, and smart devices.
Production Services is BroadcastMed/OR-Live's go-to resource in the Southwest. Always dependable, always imaginative, we rely on their professionalism and experience to bring out the very best in our programming. A long-time partner in our live event production of sensitive surgical cases, Production Services has repeatedly demonstrated their flexibility in helping us to develop and produce a broad range of video-based content. If you want a first-rate production, and you like to laugh a little bit along the way, this group is a can't miss choice.

Peter Gailey

We continue our services to the medical industry with broadcasts such as the "Gap Balance Total Knee Arthroplasty" surgery from Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, CA. Performed for DePuy, who along with Zimmer, Wright, Gore, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, Smith+Nephew and others make up our medical client list.

A 4 hour webcast for Herbalife from our studios in Phoenix, or several hours of HR and Construction Safety videos for our Uruguay client, nuclear training videos for our French client, or a recent video with extensive 3D animation for our Italian client are just part of what we do.

After so long in the business, we know the questions to ask, we understand advance planning and we know that the best way is not always the most expensive. We are your one source for all production activities including studio and location video production, graphic design, web design, multimedia production including CD and DVD authoring, still photography, replication/duplication, and more. Our crew's background ranges from nuclear plants and oil rigs, to pro golf programs and the live broadcasting of medical surgeries.

We use only broadcast quality equipment and personnel and consider ourselves a broadcast production company, not an AV or consumer level group.

See our list of clients on our site and read the unsolicited feedback. They are some of the largest in the world and the US for their respective industries. We're professional yet affordable, and strive to meet the exact needs of every individual project - not just a blanket "one budget, one process covers everything" sort of company.

We mainly service the geographic areas of AZ, southern CA, NV, NM, UT and CO, but we've produced projects in CT, MN, Memphis, Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Portland, Salem, and San Fransisco and work with our traveling crews and partner groups in other areas of the country and even abroad. Our crews have worked in Africa, the Far East, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Antarctica, Fiji, and Canada.

We have been in the industry since 1971.

HEAD Sports - Show intro/outtro
Added on 11/28/2016
When HEAD Sports had their largest new product launch in 5 years, they called on PS/A to produce their material. While most of their material in their 19 minute webcast is proprietary, we were allowed to show their generic open/close segments. The project entailed a green screen shoot, then creating extensive internal videos, special graphics and effects, and the overall editing processes. The whole project was then placed on a special server with secure log in and analytics for their North American retailers and sales force.


Ron, the owner and his staff, at Production Services were fabulous to work with. I would highly recommend him. We worked together very closely on my project for 6 months and he never let me down.

Very reasonable, extremely responsive and amazingly creative. I still can't believe how fortunate I was to find him.

Laura Gravina


PSA did a superb job for us on an anti-drug video. His conversion of an old video to a digital format, choice of the voice talent and creation of the super-texts were all superb. He also went the extra mile and uploaded our show to YouTube. With great integrity & quality PSA makes its clients shine.

Auerbach International Inc.

Professional and creative with excellent customer service.


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