Traci Loader

Toronto, Ontario

About Me

Eclectic, creative, multifaceted and flexible. Like Toronto, the diverse metropolis she thrives in, Traci Loader has brought diversity, experience, professionalism and talent to each of her areas of expertise over the last two decades.

While her expression shines through in her style -- boxing in her talent is impossible. It’s “difference” that sets Traci apart from other makeup artists. After honing her skills at a makeup school learning Beauty Makeup and gaining invaluable experience working in the industry, Traci discovered the world of Special Effects Makeup.

Her education is endless in this business as trends, technique and technology constantly change. As a much sought-after artist, Traci’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry has enabled her to carve a niche for herself in Film and Television. Working as Head of the Makeup Department, doing both straight makeup and special makeup effects, both in Toronto as well as nationally and internationally.

Always one to give back to the industry and a people person at heart, it is that in-depth knowledge that Traci now shares with others. Her goals are focused -- to work with great people and teams. To both learn and share. Whether people are established or new artists.

Small jobs ... Big jobs ... Straight forward or complex ... Whatever comes her way. “My future goals in the industry are to continue learning and pushing my boundaries.” In most estimations that is a given for Traci, as those who have worked with her know, her boundaries are limitless.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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