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Over his 24 years in the film industry he has advanced from a Production Assistant / Teamster to a Producer, working on several award winning projects. Chris is based in Chicago and always willing to travel. See full bio and resume on Linkedin.

Chris Halper is the CEO of "myLive ticket" Which can be found here : www.facebook.com/myliveticket

Directing BTS - Orlando, Florida

Chris Halper can be reached: Chris@goodeknightfilms.com

My full body of work can be seen here.

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What you can expect from me.

� assertive and have good leadership skills
� good interpersonal skills to liaise with a range of people
� able to plan, think ahead and respond effectively to problems
� able to motivate others
� responsible attitude towards & excellent knowledge of health and safety
� good computer skills
� understanding of budgeting and scheduling
� very well organized and flexible
� able to keep calm in a pressurized environment

"I started in the business in 1991. Following my cousin retired Actor Ken Wahl into the film industry with a Passionate attitude about film, television and music videos. I hold a high respect for all film crafts. From the smallest to the largest job, it is my passion to make them all come together on-time and under budget"!

I wish you all the best on all of your projects and dreams!

Chris Halper...

I have been in the industry since 1991.

Hockey Towns Pilot Trailer
Added on 5/4/2010
Pilot show of Hockey Towns.

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