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A highly experienced, practical, electronics CS Manager, Engineer and account manager with a thorough grounding in both analogue and digital electronics. Extensive video knowledge in both the broadcast and CCTV video markets with RF experience as well. Excellent problem solving skills, proven over a long career in a variety of work disciplines. Ability to work on my own initiative as well as part of, or, managing a team. An active listener and effective communicator. Managed Customer Service departments, repair centers, key business critical accounts such as NBC, FOX, VYVX and CBC as well as a multi million-dollar inventory warehouse.
Highly experienced in the Broadcast television field, specializing in the complete end to end systems incorporating encoders, multiplexers, modulators, receivers, decoders and TS processor transmission equipment. Fully conversant with ASI, QPSK, 8PSK, QAM, ATM, IP or IPED formats. Experience of CCTV video design, RF (cellular phones) and HPSU / SMPSU technology.

 12 years Managerial Positions, Asst. CS Manager, Base Repair Manager, Group Leader.
 22 years component level fault finding of complex analogue / digital circuits.
 16 years in Broadcast video, Satellite systems or CCTV fields.
 19 years surface mount/hybrid technology knowledge.
 Critical account management, suggesting solutions, improvements & being focal point. Customers included Fox Digital, Fox Sports Houston, CBC Canada, VYVX, Williams Communications Tulsa, and Heartland Video WI.
 Experienced in identifying, investigating and providing solutions to production / prototype problems and instigating design modifications to correct them.
 Ability to rework surface mount to 0504 size, ASA “Flight” standard qualified.
 Control of department budget, new equipment allocation / maintenance / calibration.
 Ability to build test jigs for PCB / unit testing from technical drawings.
 Experienced in writing test specification / work method documents.
 3 years Radio Frequency, 800MHz.

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