Mad Dwarf Workshop

4465 N CR 100 E
New Castle, Indiana 47362


About Us

Mad Dwarf Workshop is a custom sword, knife, armour, props, & all round weapons-smithing company that deals with custom individual collectors as well as large scale high quality pieces for movies and film. With the advent of epic sword related movies on the rise, many producers have looked to us for custom created swords and weaponry.
We can provide you items that dont simply serve as boring side props, but highly detailed fully functional works of art, no matter what genera or style.

We have crafted swords for such projects as:
- Marvel Comic's movie THOR
- The Narrow Road - a film based off Bunyan's classic "Pilgrim's Progress"
- and hundreds of custom real and stunt aluminum swords for theater companies.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

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