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In the course of his 25-plus years as an award-winning art director in the advertising business, Mark has concepted, drawn his own storyboards, and produced more than 140 television spots.

He now brings this art directorial talent to bear as a storyboard artist for film production companies, advertising agencies, video production companies and animation studios. This rare combination of award-winning advertising agency experience coupled with drawing and storytelling abilities sets him apart from most storyboard artists.

Mark's storyboards bring life to your concept. They illuminate your story. They sell your idea. They become the road map for production. Ultimately, they are about communication and Mark is a master communicator. For television commercials, films, documentaries, animation shorts, training or recruiting films the storyboard is an essential tool. Don't let a large firm pawn off your job to a rookie without a feel for editing, camera angles, animation sequences or a client's needs. When you are looking for an affordable alternative to the major players, give Mark a call. He doesn't charge for rush jobs. He does whatever it takes to get the job done, on budget, on time. Every time.

"Working with Mark is a joy. His ability to transform a conversation into great imagery is exceptional. Mark's eye for detail and passion for story drives his work ethic. He's flexible in working the desired results and always finds a way to capture the essence of the story, which he embeds in every stroke of genius he provides. And the best part, is Mark's relentless desire to give his clients what they want."

--------- CJ Powers, Founder/writer/director/producer at Powers Productions, Inc.

"Mark is great to work with. He is quick and efficient on turnaround, has an easy going personality and puts out excellent, high-quality work. I plan to have him on the team for every future project. "

---------Rob Morrison, Principal at Morrison Entertainment, LLC

"Mark has done storyboard work for Christian Cinema Productions in the past and now. His credits speak volumes about his work and it is excellent work. Mark has done fantastic work for commercial production and is doing the same for us in the motion picture industry. To pass Mark by for story boarding for your projects, would be doing yourself an injustice. I highly recommend Mark for any project you might have."

-------- Bill Mullendore, CEO/writer/producer at Christian Cinema Productions LLC

"Wow, Mark's work as an illustrator for my storyboard projects really stands out, and his work on projects for me as a Director have helped us land several projects. He listens, he makes changes, and he sends over a final drawing you're going to love. Quickly, and on budget. Great working with Mark!"

--------- ‪Jeremy Pinckert‬, Director at Explore Media

"Mark is a creative at heart and loves to jump into the process. As a storyboard artist, he can work in "real-time" sketching your ideas as you speak them aloud. Whether if its quick wire frames or client ready final storyboards, you can trust Mark will bring your vision to life!"

---- Brandon Faris, Director at LEAPFrame

Other Skills:

Oil Painting
Graphic Designer
Poster Artist
Graphic Artist
Art Director

Call me.

I have been in the industry since 1985.

Marshmallow Munchies
Added on 2/28/2014
The combination of Rice Krispies and marshmallows make for a fun-filled treat and this award-winning creative execution lives up to that claim.

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