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I have over 10 years experience as a Production Manger, Line Producer, Segment Producer and many other roles in this industry . I am savvy in a plethora of formats and have established relationships with crew and vendors throughout Los Angeles, Miami, New York and a list of other states as well as Internationally. My vast experience gives me the ability to do my job above an beyond expectations. I have experience as a freelance employee and fulltime at networks. So the different environment transitions come with ease.

Seasoned in creating and managing budgets, keeping production on schedule , working with 3rd party production houses to ensure they are also staying on budget. I have years in experience working with production finances including reconciliation, tax incentives and audits. I oversee and manage field logistics such as obtaining locations, props, wardrobe, various vendors, crew, trade outs and product integrations. I understand production on many levels and can mold and adjust to the constant changing environments. I've worked on several different platforms so adjusting to the different ways things are done comes with ease. There is not one way to create call sheets, production schedules, P.O.'s, PR's, etc. and I love combining my experience with the different systems in each project. I am accustomed to overseeing the hiring process of crew and work directly with payroll companies, agencies, managers and SAG for Talent paperwork. I am experienced in handling hazardous activity paperwork, insurance and various contracts back and forth with legal. I also manage releases and working with rights and clearances to make sure we are on task for deliverables. I am very knowledgeable in International travel logistics, working with fixers, security, corruption and compliance, obtaining permits, carnets and workers visa's.

I am experienced in managing several aspects of deliverables and post- production. I also work directly with Production Services team to create to manage all Production Bibles/Wrap Binders, Episodic Binders, Release Binders, Tax Incentive Binders, etc.

I am a self starter and work great independently in addition to managing teams both large and small. I am great at delegating responsibilities and resolving situations efficiently and with a positive attitude. I work effectively under pressure, stay positive in stressful situations and work great with the diverse personalities in this industry.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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