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Experienced "Production" Professional who can do it all. I've got the experience, the knowledge, and the desire to create fantastic productions. Why did I put "Production" in quotes? Production is a broad statement, and my knowledge runs the gambit from start to finish. I've done it all from story boarding and planning, talent acquisition and direction. Running the camera, (Let's make sure it's in focus and the gain is set to perfection). I've set up and run 24 foot camera jibs, steady cam, remote cameras.

Editing- Now that we've got the perfect footage, let's make it a master piece. Editing video is sometimes like writing an orchestra or piece of music, when it comes together it's a piece of art. Thanks for visiting my page, contact me today so we can start telling your story.


I have been in the industry since 2007.

My Sister Can't Cook Bumper.
Added on 1/10/2011
This is a bumper for a local tv show that I was responsible for producing for the City of Show Low's Channel 4. The show is about 4 sisters, 1 of which can't cook. This bumper ran on the channel all throughout the day during commercial spots.


Chris is a hard worker and a great team player. He would be an asset to any production team or as a stand alone producer that can do most anything. He has great ideas and great production skills from camera to editing to after effects!


Outstanding professional, Easy going team player, Chris always exceeds expectations that are given in a friendly and creative way. I would recommend him for any project that I'm involved with.

Jeremiah Yeager

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