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Being called "The Ultimate European Voice"... is quite a statement; others say it makes total sense. No matter where you stand, I'm often cast as the "Euro Guy". Why?

The voice-over market is truly global, and producers are increasingly looking for fresh professional voices that are neither all-American nor BBC-British.

My more Euro-British accent has universal appeal without negative connotations or cultural cliches that sometimes come along with strong US or UK accents.

It has been described as:

• clear and credible
• natural and trustworthy
• intelligent and sincere
• ultimately European

Although most of my voice-over work is done in English, I regularly take on Dutch, German and even French projects. In fact, Dutch is my native language.

After a career at Dutch national and international radio, the BBC and American Public Radio, I started providing voice-over services to clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Farmers Life, the Discovery Channel and The Wharton School.

Working from my own studio (located between NYC and Philadelphia), I usually turn projects around in a matter of hours.

Please contact me for a customized demo. It's always FREE!

We have been in the industry since 1982.

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