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Homeland Security Television (HSTV) specializes in producing broadcast-quality training, education and awareness programs for homeland security professionals at the federal, state and local government levels, and the private sector.

HSTV programs are produced for general broadcast use, but are made available through a robust and flexible online Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can stream both live and on-demand programs in up to HD-quality directly to the desktop or mobile computing device. Our robust content delivery infrastructure is Web-based and enables HSTV to produce daily, weekly or monthly program lineups, and break into the 24/7 streaming and on-demand titles for live or time-sensitive broadcasts. Those live broadcasts are automatically recorded and made available in the on-demand library immediately upon ending.

HSTV’s Web-based approach and powerful CDN infrastructure enables us to reach up to 100,000 concurrent online viewers with no interruption in service. Using mobile broadband devices, HSTV can deploy mobile production teams around the country and feed those live broadcasts into our production studio for live, multi-camera coverage of breaking news events or live training and information sharing sessions.

Just as important as our technical capabilities and knowledge of Web-based video production and delivery are the subject matter experts that support HSTV’s programming. HSTV is the only homeland security media company with an editorial advisory board that counts among its members a former Secretary of Homeland Security, a former Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, and a dozen other seasoned homeland security and technology experts. It is a sign of our commitment to produce and deliver the most accurate training and education programming possible – programming that is not only compelling, but practical and meaningful to both policymaker and frontline professional alike.

Finally, HSTV’s partnership with a major homeland security and counterterrorism consulting firm enables us to rapidly develop modularized training and education content that is kept up-to-date with current trends in homeland security and terrorism threats and response. HSTV currently supports two major Department of Homeland Security training and education efforts through its relationship with Total Security Services International Inc. (TSSI).

We have been in the industry since 2005.

HSTV's 3-D Demo Reel
Added on 3/4/2010
This is a brief example of our 3-D animation capability. In addition to avatars and general cartoon-style animations, we have done major 3-D re-enactments of real-world events for training purposes. These animations include full scripting and talking/interactive characters with photo-realistic rendering and props.

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