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As a DP my approach is very hands-on and I enjoy doing much of my own shooting and being behind the camera. I am a good humored and hard working individual and always aspire to create high quality work. I love film and finding interesting ways of telling stories, be it with lighting, framing or lenses and filters. I love the craft. I have experience in lighting and camera operation as well as being a First Assistant Cameraman or focus puller. I specialize in working with ARRI ALEXA/AMIRA cameras as well as RED camera systems and management of post production for the camera. Though most of my experience is in working with digital cameras, I have also worked with film cameras as well.
I have worked in the camera department on many professional sets
including the recent Hollywood film Chasing Mavericks, Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle, Big Sur,
directed by Michael Poland, Howl, directed by Jeffrey Friedman
and The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford and the new blockbuster San Andreas.
In addition to my narrative film work, I have also done commercial
work for companies like AOL and Skype, google, Dove Soap, Chrysler,
Sales Force and Toyota.

I’m a big cinemaphile and love the art and craft of filmmaking and love films from all over the world including films by Fallini, Antonioni, Wim Wanders and Tarrence Malick. In my work I also draw strong inspiration from Stanley Kubrick for his epic style and perfection on a grand scale, Wan Kar Wai for his romantic visual style and Francis Coppola for his strong character driven storytelling.

I am also an ICG Local 600 Digital Image Technician working with the Light Iron Outpost DIT system, the most advanced DIT cart in the world. Supporting every camera imaginable including ARRI ALEXA, SONY F65, RED EPIC, CANON C500, and anything in-between. I can even support prototype cameras. As an experienced DI colorist, I can really help your DP get the look they are after. I have a passion for high quality images and always work to make sure you are getting the highest level available. Using the Outpost system, I can give you colored, perfectly sound-synced dailies and all deliverables for editorial by the end of the shoot day...not hours after everyone else wraps. Streaming colored dailies directly to iPads as the shoot day progresses. I CAN CUT OUT POST HOUSE PROCESSING ALL TOGETHER AND DO IT ALL ON SET!

Color grading/Timing/finishing has always attracted me because it is more than just a technical skill, it’s an art. To me color grading is not about making the image even or crushing the blacks; it is about creating a definitive look and giving the piece character. I love seeing the look of amazement on a client’s face when I show them the before and after of their work. I can bring out the beauty of your footage and help you create a cinematic image. Working in partnership with Colorflow and their advanced finishing facility. I use the new DaVinci RESOLVE and when possible, a DI theater. Experience with Feature films, commercials and music videos.

You are welcome to visit my website for more information www.weprinfilms.com or contact me directly.

Available world wide with valid US PASSPORT.


I have been in the industry since 2007.

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