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Over the last 18 months as a freelance video producer, I have built a client list that includes news operations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and businesses large and small. Producing content for such a wide range of clients has sharpened my skills in business, technology and in how to tell a good story.

When the Tribune Corporation acquired Times Mirror in 2000, I found myself in the unique position of having to build a video production operation from the ground up while helping to define the role of video journalism at a major newspaper. As the Sr. Video Journalist at the Los Angeles Times, I focused on building relationships with the writers, editors and photojournalists on staff to use video and multimedia in their reporting. These efforts produced video and online content for hundreds of stories, including: foster children emancipated by the state, corporate policies that endanger the do-it-yourself mover, systematic flaws in the strategy to combat AIDS in Africa and how the Middle East conflict shapes Jerusalem’s neighborhoods.

Additionally, I was part of a small team that produced a groundbreaking series and multimedia package reporting on the deteriorating conditions of our ocean. This series, Altered Oceans, won the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism.

I was also involved in all aspects of the multimedia initiative that continues to provide content for www.latimes.com and its broadcast partners. This included the selection of all hardware and software, consulting with IT specialists on video infrastructure and serving as liaison to the web producers regarding delivery and promotion of multimedia content. As with every job I’ve had, I took ownership of all the seemingly lesser responsibilities that are critical to keeping the operation running smoothly, i.e., maintaining the video library, developing video compression standards and providing motion graphics and infographics for programs as needed.

I became the ‘video guy’ at The Times and was frequently asked to provide training and assistance to the staff as they learned the techniques used in field production, editing and web delivery. This came naturally to me, as I’ve had to be very flexible in my career. No matter what the company’s primary business, or where I might be on the org charts, I’ve always done what it takes to prove the value of visual communication using video, sound and photos.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and online samples. Throughout my career I’ve placed a premium on teamwork that results in people seeking me out for their production needs. A solid work ethic, attention to detail, initiative and responsibility are a few of the characteristics that I would demonstrate in this position.

John Vande Wege
Video journalist, producer, editor, videographer

I have been in the industry since 1986.

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