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Advantage Video Systems is a company that builds and supports pro video systems every day. With our FREE 24/7 support on all the systems we install and, the experience, training and certification we update every year gives us extensive knowledge in all areas of business and video workflows. From large Digital Asset management and other networking systems to simple studios. Having someone like me who has been on Final Cut for over 11 years, Avid and Adobe for over 15 years and has worked with building production studios and on enterprise class systems for many years will be helpful to you.

We have been in the industry since 2001.

Jeffrey Stansfield and Advantage Video Systems get's thanks for building Asylum Entertainment
Added on 2/4/2017
Advantage Video Systems and Jeffrey Stansfield get's a big Thank You from the people at Asylum Entertainment for building their Sound and Foley, Post Production and Screening theater, Production system with Red Camera and now with the Arri Alexa. We also added VFX to the studio and designed and built all their machine room, shared storage and SAN using Tiger technology For more information on this project or for us to build yours please see our website www.advantagevideosystms.com call us at 80-287-5095 or email jeff@advantagevideosystems.com

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