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Post production editing and VFX.

I've always believed some of the most effective story telling can happen after the script is written and shot. All of the elements for, better or worse, in one spot coming together to build a vision. It is through this process that I believe some of the best projects are formed that leave a lasting impression on all those who experience them.

I am a Local 700 member and has countless years of experience in editing and assistant editing for film, television, commercials, and business related projects.

Receiving my bachelors in film and entertainment business from Full Sail University, I always had a particular eye for cinema. My devotion to the craft led to working all aspects of a set from the ground up.

Photography has always been a passion for me during my travels and eventually seeded into many unexpected clientele that eventually turned my passion for capturing the essence of scenes and locations into a part-time career.

I have always written for those who may not speak up. If history is teaching us anything at this moment it is that we have entered a new golden age of storytelling. Creative screenplays will shape, not only the whole of entertainment, but also inspiring the world around us to follow suit.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

Jon Sawa Demo Reel 2020
Added on 9/29/2022
This is my latest demo reel showcasing work from about the past 5 years. I have edited and performed assistant editing duties, VFX, sound design, color, etc. All of the aspects that bring a project from beginning of post to delivery to the big and even streaming screens of all categories.

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