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Barry Ian Laughlin Angeli, is a skilled and knowledgeable conceptual designer, a keen visualizer and a talented overall graphic artist. Passionate observer of social mentality and human behavior. Proficient on diverse cultures and idiosyncrasies.

Barry Laughlin - Design is a boutique style agency which feeds from the vast knowledge acquired from the vast and diverse types of industries for which it has produced deigns that sell.

Barry Laughlin conceives eloquent and persuasive results. Designs based on reality, sustained by well defined goals, which generate compelling and sales-engaging design ideas and proposals. Innovating, refreshing and positively on target.

Barry Laughlin is backed by an integrated, multicultural team of experts and professionals with extensive knowledge in design and visual communication. The firm also maintains exclusive business associations with other high level independent professionals in the US, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Japan.

Throughout the years, Barry Laughlin - Design has carried out numerous projects for many of the worlds best known Fortune 500 multinational corporations, and for local companies in diverse counties, such as: South Africa, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Australia, Poland, Rumania, New Zealand, the Caribbean Islands, Venezuela and Spain.

Exclusively related to brands and consumer products, Barry Laughlin has designed over 2.000 packaging pieces for the global market. It has designed and completed over 15.000 diverse visual communication concepts. A vast and profuse experience which it adds to all of its projects.

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