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Jib, Telescoping Crane and Camera Drone rentals, Iatse Local 600. Ibew 1220, Nabet-41-Credits: 2020 NBA Allstar open, 2019 Superbowl, 2018 "Acrimony" Tyler Perry studios, 2017-"The Ellen DeGeneres show",2016 CNN presidential Debates, 2016 "Atlanta" 2016 "the Bachelor"2015 "Little women of L.A.-Partial client list, Fox News, MSNBC, MLB, NFL , NBA, CBS, ABC, CNN, Sony pictures

» details about: we handle set-up, transport,
And service of all leased machines. We have
Qualified staff on hand for all of your film production
And engineering needs. The SuperTechno Jib is perhaps the
Most precise, simple, convenient, and dynamic
Crane currently available. Also featuring Robdog One ultimate jib Aerial cinematography

We have been in the industry since 1984.

4k Aerial Cinematography
Added on 1/5/2015
Filmmakers Robert B.Henning and Wayne Mann Team up to shoot BBC Docs


I have worked with Rob in Chicago for nearly 15 years in a wide variety of camera department crew positions and genre's. And he is a consummate professional in his attention to detail; plus skilled at making arrangements and deals in order to create win-win for his clients.

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