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Hello Everyone, How are you? Hope all is well. There's a lot of people in this country today. Unheard talent. Some of the reasons why they're unheard, is because the music business is political. It's not what you know or what you can do, but it's who you know. It's very unfortunate, because when I turn on the radio, it's very disappointing. That's why I have so many C/D's in my car or in my house. You want to hear quality music. It is very much needed. All the good bands are still working, but they're overseas. There is no R&B as we use to know it. Gospel has stepped up because they took on the R&B vibe now. Now they have the great musicians, bands, etc. My name is Hugh Potts Sr. Music and songwriter. I know that there's a lot of great talent out there and music and songwriters. But the way economics is today, a lot of people can not afford to go in the studio to finish their songs or compositions. Well, I might be able to ease that situation for you. Those songwriters who are not musicians and just have lyrics and a melody, I can record music, tailor made for your songs and you or if you have someone to lay vocals may do so. The fee for all original material is $200.00 per song. The same will go for songwriters who are musicians. You are welcome to play your own music, track by track. If you need music tracks from a cover song, the fee will be $150.00 per song. Don't let nothing hold you back from living your dream. Let's put real, meaningful songs back on the map again. Soon as you get your songs done, then you can play hardball. You can shop it and draw interest. Just believe in yourself, believe that you have what it takes to be heard nationwide or worldwide. The way the internet is today, there's so many ways to be heard. But you need to have a product. Contact me. This is a great deal.

We have been in the industry since 1980.

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