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I love my work.

I get a big kick each time I announce that I am a "food stylist." Most people really have no idea what that really means. There's that puzzled frown, complete with silent tilt of the head. Moments later, I can see their brain flash—an image pops up, and there I am wielding a blow torch in one hand and cans of lacquer and glue in the other. I'm about to attack that great big turkey on its way to the set! Luckily, I do manage to create a bit more of a dignified image once I describe the finer points of the skills required to work with challenging subjects. Actually, the amazing merits of shooting digitally, and the sophisticated and trained eyes of the consumer have allowed us to toss out some of those archaic "tricks of the trade" used with film. No more glue!

In truth, this profession entails so much more than just technical knowledge. The key ingredient to being successful in this field is passion—for food and for people. As a team, we get to play in the kitchen and get our hands dirty—testing, learning and creating each time we start a new project. We get to build a set, putting together a look and feel that is right for each product. And we get to engage with smart, creative and fun people.

My job is to create professional images. These images should tell a story, or depict the focus and personality of the product, company and client. It takes solid teamwork. Collaborating allows for creative ideas to flow, new possibilities to arise and a plan to emerge. Organizing the details are key, as well as understanding and managing the personalities and timelines of the project.

I have been working with photographers for 19 years. I understand how to be flexible and efficient. Most of my work is produced in the studio. But we also shoot on location, capitalizing on the available light and form that is generated from a natural source. This opportunity, together with my support of the sustainable food movement, inspires me to be more involved with the food community, working directly in the fields, farms, kitchens and tables that form the culinary foundation of our city.

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