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MacHarmony provides custom Digital Asset Management and Workflow Automation solutions using Final Cut Server, XSAN, Final Cut Pro, OSX Server, and other technologies. We are Apple Certified engineers, trainers, and programmers working together to develop the most optimized and automated workflows possible to improve the efficiency of our clients.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

Final Cut Server Metadata Transfer Script
Added on 5/4/2010
Having metadata available for editors to be able to search for footage within a Final Cut Pro project is essential to many editorial workflows. Unfortunatly, once the project and clips are added to a Final Cut Server that metadata remains only with the project and its associated elements. The metadata does not automatically follow the clip into the asset. This issue has caused a lot of problems and confusion for people who traditionally have been entering metadata during log and capture or in their Final Cut Pro bins. That metadata is very valuable and needs to be able to be attached to the asset if you wish to be able to search and/or automate based on it. This was the basis for creating the Final Cut Pro to Final Cut Server metadata transfer script. This script simply retrieves all of the metadata from a Final Cut Pro project file and enters that metadata into each asset in Final Cut Server which is a part of that project. This metadata can be accessed through a special Final Cut Pro Metadata group on any asset after running this script. Check out the video to see how it works, and call Jason Perr at MacHarmony for more information on purchase and installation.

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