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Vancouver, British Columbia

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I am an enthusiastic individual with a friendly and outgoing personality. I have a keen interest in all areas of sound production, and the film making process as a whole. Working within Sound, I have learned to be a skillful Boom operator. I am very good with radio mics and enjoy a good on-set relationship with artists and other departments. I have rigged and operated complex playback set ups. I have rigged many cars for sound and am used to planting microphones in various locations. I have mixed dialogue scenes both on my own and with a boom operator. I have experience with a wide variety of microphones and recording equipment. I have represented the sound mixer on numerous recces.
Before working in film and television I was a musician and have experience in setting up and performing live gigs, as well as playing and engineering in a studio environment. I still regularly engineer live shows for people.

I have a wide ranging and varied experience. I include here a selection of some of the gear I have used. I have used HHB Dat recorders, Fostex PD4, PD6 and 824 and Sound Devices 744t recoders. I have used Sonosax and Audio Developments mixing desks. I have used and am familiar with the qualities of many types of microphone including: Sennheiser 416 and 816, Mkh 50 and 60. AKG Blueline series. I have used several mics in the Schoeps series. I have also used the Cub microphone. Personal microphones I have used are Sony ECM77s and Sanken Cos11s. I have used Audio Developments 2000, 2020 and 2040 radio mic systems as well as Envoy systems and Micron systems. I have used Deneke tri-level sync time code boxes. Directors Monitors I have used include Garwood systems, and Sennheiser Systems.

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