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Ralph Barnette is a freelance Creative Consultant, Film/Video Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor. He has been active for more than 20 years in filmmaking, television production, advertising, graphics, design, and business development. His creative abilities encompass a wide range of award-winning marketing, advertising, business, and historical and cultural projects.

Educated in Fine Art and Filmmaking at New York’s Pratt Institute, he refined his skills as an artist, writer, photographer, videographer and audio recordist with Duke University and other educational institutions. Later, extensive work in marketing and advertising brought him to a pre-emminent level of high standards and creativity.

Mr. Barnette has since managed many acclaimed marketing and advertising initiatives. With extensive experience in retail product development, corporate identity, branding, communnications, broadcast and multimedia, his skillset is ready for almost any assignment.

Here are links to my professional information and work samples:

www.linkedin.com (Linked-In profile)

www.youtube.com (feature film - Producer, DP 2nd Unit, Sound, Lighting)

vimeo.com (racing team promo - Producer/DP/Editor/SoundFX)

vimeo.com (promo film - Producer/DP/Editor/Sound)

vimeo.com (independent short film - Sound Technician)

www.youtube.com (TV series trailer - Sound Director)

toddbanhazldp.com (commercial - Sound Director)

www.imdb.com (IMDB listing)

I have been in the industry since 1990.

Demo Reel
Added on 5/28/2010

Excerpts from a variety of DP, editing and directing projects that include live events, ENG shoots, studio shoots, greenscreen compositing, some effects and titling, and sound mixing/editing.

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