Adirondack Mountain Productions

P.O. Box 870
Old Forge, New York 13420


About Us

Let Adirondack Mountain Productions (AMP) guide your film production
through the acres of beauty in our region. With over 15 years of
experience in the production world, we can anticipate all of your needs
and bypass any potential roadblocks.


We will help you find that perfect scenario to complete
your project. Whether your needs are small (a beautiful
Adirondack style home) or something grander (a roaring waterfall or the perfect perch
to catch a magnificent sunrise or sunset with the Adirondack Mountains
in the foreground), AMP can make it happen for you.
We are in touch with the local community leaders who are looking
forward to welcoming your production to their towns.

Based in Old Forge, New York, within the Adirondack Park, AMP has worked
hard to make sure all bases are covered to ensure that you have a seamless professional experience while working in this breathtaking area.
Location rentals, Location Scouting, Accommodations..........


The key to the Adirondacks! From pre production to post. Adirondack Mountain Production's expertise, passion and commitment was essential to our film's success. I recommend them whole heartedly.

Mollye Asher

Work with Adirondack Mountain Productions

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