Cameras & Crew

9310 Drawbridge Circle
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250


About Us

Cammate Owner Operator 1995
Panasonic HPX500 HD P2 Cameras (2)
Panasonic HPX370 HD P2 Camera
Sony 570WS DVCam 16:9 or 4:3
Panasonic HDSwitcher with Graphic Scaler, RTS Com, AJA KiPro
Sound Device442, Lectrosonic/Sony UHF Mic,Sennheiser Boom
Fiber,HDSDI DA and Convertors
(2)Presonus 1642 for Sound Reinforcement or Recording, Teleprompter on Camera or Presidential Monitors
Truss and Screens,5000 or 10000 Lumen Projectors
Arri Light Kits or (3)1200w HMI with Softbox, LED Lite Panels

We have been in the industry since 1986.

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