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Karl was working as a professional photographer and videographer before he graduated high school. He then managed the darkroom in college and helped build the first multimedia production classroom in the Pacific Northwest.
After earning a BAS in film and multi media production, Karl explored the industry by directing interviews with global CEO’s, filming for Discovery Channel and MTV, producing entire TV series in remote locations and creating digital marketing materials responsible for millions of dollars in luxury real estate sales.
His technical expertise was developed during his time as a US DoD contractor where he managed a bi-ligual team of field scientists and developed the first internationally shared GIS database of environmental sampling information on the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay and helped gather hyper spectral imagery of the Caribbean with USGS and NASA.
Combining these technical skills with his art background, Karl gained International recognition as a photographer of glowing single-celled organisms and time-lapses of the Milky Way galaxy.
Karl then expanded his photography toolbox by becoming a PADI certified underwater day/night photographer and an FAA certified Commercial UAV pilot.

We have been in the industry since 1998.

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