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I'm a professional script supervisor for film, TV, commercials. I trained at Cinema Arts Tech in Los Angeles (100 hours of training). I'm well-versed in pre-production script breakdown which I share with other department heads to make their lives easier; and a hawkeye on continuity, screen direction and center line. I keep impeccable, easy-to-read script/coverage notes and shot descriptions for your editor; and create clear daily shot logs for your assistant editor and daily progress reports for your production manager. I've worked with 35mm, 16mm, DV and the RED camera; and have experience on shoots using multi-camera, hand-held and Steadicam, children, animals, green screen and its accompanying compositing issues, horror makeup effects, positioning/tracking of multiple extras, and some stunt work.

I've spent much time in editing suites as a game designer, so I'm very conscious of my notes being the editor's only "eyes" on the set; editors consistently give very happy feedback. I'm extremely detail-oriented (years as a game designer and digital photo retouching studio owner/artist), a writer who helps make sure important story beats get covered, and a problem-solver who often provides solutions for "we're stuck" continuity issues, as well as easy-going and fun to work with -- voted "nicest scripty" by crew members on every shoot so far. :) Willing to travel to work!

I'm happy to meet and/or provide sample notes, production reports, and references. Thanks!

I have been in the industry since 1996.

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