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Parliament Studios is a video production company that captures, creates and produces variety of video content. From online video campaigns to TV broadcast commercials, infomercials, corporate, and "How To" videos. Company specializing in video production, TV and film services, post-production, and visual FX.


Parliament Studios can produce your next project from concept to the screen. We will help you develop, cast, schedule, shoot, edit, and finish your next production. Parliament Studios has been involved and produced a variety of projects, from TV pilots to full feature films, involving management of large pools of talent, complicated visual effects, impossible locations and schedules.


Parliament Studios has a studio with a 24' × 18' × 12' cyclorama wall, a 24' × 24' × 12' green screen room, lighting rigs for both video and photography, a full recording studio with isolated instrument room.


Parliament Studios (aka FilmingInDetroit.com) facilitate location services, actors, movie extras, automobiles, and animal talents for motion picture, television, video, commercial, and photography productions in the metropolitan Detroit area, as well as Voice Over professionals for video and audio projects.

We are currently housing a database of over 5,000 Michigan people that can be put on your set as actors, extras, or stand-ins at any given moment.

All locations in our database have been pre-screened and property owners are ready to host your production.


Budgeting for your next film? Take another look at Michigan. Our best-in-the-nation film incentive we can provide everything you need at a cost unmatched by any other state.

The State of Michigan passed a comprehensive tax-incentive package in 2008 to lure film production to Michigan. As a result, the state experienced a enormous increase in film projects. In fact, the state has gone from having only a couple of movies filmed here each year to over 75 a year. The 2008 tax incentives allow film producers a credit in the amount of 40 to 42% of the production-related expenses incurred in the state.

Visit Michigan Film Office for more details, updates and regulations. Bring your production to Michigan and we'll bring you the services needed to complete it.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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Added on 7/6/2010
Parliament Studios captures, creates and produces variety of video content. From online video campaigns to TV broadcast commercials, infomercials, corporate, and "How To" videos. Our team has shot, edited and delivered quality productions to a diverse group of clients worldwide. Our 360º approach to video produciton allows us to be your one stop shop from talent to distribution of your video content. We offer a wide range of pricing packages custom tailored to meet each client's exacting requirements.

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