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We for our talent are either selected as production team memebers from producing, to management, or for talent booking agents for key areas of talent interest, or to all talent placement possibilities, or can be selected as management to coordinate the busy operations of the talent ensuring their schedules to appearances, and new doors opening up for continued growth in their field, and how we differ compared to other companies we can be selected in one of the above to satisfied the needs of the talent while we perform and act as mentors, consultants, business advisors to the talent, after all talent, being a talent moving forward in the entertainment industry is a business. Other key areas we are proactive going out directly opening doors for the talent or model, while other companies remain in their office space, we market our talent, while other companies do not try to create the key publicity the talent or model needs to advance in their goals. Other companies dictate while we are your advisors.

I am more in the Producer level and being in the Entertainment, and representation of the Modeling and all Talent field over 33 years. I wanted this to serve as my interest to offer to take your program to your ultimate goals, I have done this with others, example Tropical Angels, So Vain Model in Hawaii, and individual models also, being I am also a booking agent expert of 33 years.

My short Bio credentials, of ethics 33 years as a key Non Commissioned Officer many key roles the Army taught me formally to be a talent and model agent, then went into Special Operations (Special Forces) as a Body Guard, and then a rare MOS in the entertainment field, Recognized by the President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State Colin Powel, Secretary of the Army, and many Commanding Generals. I am a Former elected Commissioner of the County of Los Angeles for 10 years, recently retired U.S. Army and Army Reserves.

If we can support your goals in any way it would be an honor. Our key sites in the entertainment production field and media communication are on the following:

As you place those in your browser you can view the virtual online media kits of my areas of entertainment and production media. And We also have a great Public Publicity Marketing Company, Business Advisory Consulting with Talent and Entertainment services. We are a company that began in Hawaii with great successes and now a goal to expand to Hollywood/Los Angeles, and bringing our programs, expertise, skills in all areas of marketing, talent or model agent, production support resource, productions, media communications, business development to the entertainment industry. Also for the experience talent or model, to those who would like to launch their goals in entertainment, talent or modeling, below more details on our history:

One thing I would like to mention we do not charge a registration fee, also known as Advance Fees, we are a no cost agency to the applying talent or model. We can work with the talent interest and goals.

I personally have been in the industry over 33 years as an Agent, and with great new expansions we are motivating talent from the Philippines to England.
TALENT SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT-ALONG WITH: sub-companies. Tradewinds Success Productions and our sub-entities.

We are an 15 year fully experienced and skilled in all areas of service and support as a company in marketing service, all talent and model agency, completely LEGALLY licensed business, with a tropical relations as Tradewinds Success Productions, Tropical Evolution Records and Entertainment, Tropical Angels Models, over 33 years experience in the Marketing, Promotions, Night Life Night Club Productions Marketing and Promotions, Special Event Productions, we are diverse, and we cover all areas of marketing from door placements to commercial advertising campaigns. Media Relations, of Public Community Relations, Publicity.

Along with a with full Talent and Model representation with skilled talent agents. We are a marketing outsource service, along with our talent and model agency.

We combine the marketing so as to give talent, models the key opportunities such as commercials that we would produce, on air radio voice, as well as market the talent with the key skills to create their major exposure. Very key for all levels of talent new and those skilled and experienced and far much more.

Our talent and model agency bring fully trained and experienced talent, models, vocal artist, and entertainers for productions in film, video, stage, along with marketing in promotional models and promotional talent representation to the company. We represent all types of talent from Actors/Actress, sports talent, vocal artist, media artist, and much more.

Our vocal artist to our Record Label to produce their music and take them to their ultimate goals as a performer artist.

We have vocal artist, Polynesian performers for Hawaii, and cultural entertainment from all great cultures, being the flagship headquarters began in Hawaii with the diverse cultures. We have comedians, concert production and development, and much more. Clients we have served in marketing venue customer generation bringing customers and increase in business profit revenue, even in this down time in the visitor industry, our great clients we serve are Hot 93.9, Hawaii Business College, Max International, Escada Fashion Fragrance, Military Sales and Service, US Army, Navy Exchange, Mobi PCS, MWR Hawaii, The Gillette Company and Tag Body Spray, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Tiki Entertainment, Maggoo's Pizza, Act Energy Drink, Joni's Paradise Limousine, Checker Auto Parts, Planet Hollywood Restaurant Honolulu.

Our talent and models have appeared where we were the featured models on stage for Hot 93.9 radio. We have appeared with great names such as Comedian Sinbad, R & B artist Monica, Nino Brown, Nu Riders, Paula De Anda, Paul Wall, Slim Tug, 3 Six Mafia, and recently with a sold out crowd with the Jabbawokeez, also with Rap Hip Hop Artist 50 Cent and GUnit, on the hit TV show LOST, and a host of many more. Soon to produce "10 Star Magazine" and "Street Works Magazine"(c) cover all of travel destinations and great entertainment, events, and artist.

We are continuing to expand with many areas of talent, and strong support in our service of marketing to bring our clients an increase in revenue. And key to use the same marketing public relations skills and experience to help talent of all genres of performing arts to their goals as a team. So I would like to offer an opportunity to you, to explore what we have to offer, and what doors we can open, and how we can assist you in your vision and goals. My direct number is 661 349-0695 to answer any other questions you might have?

Thank you
Richard Lopez Cooks
President and CEO
Tradewinds Success Productions
Tropical Evolution Records and Entertainment
Tropical Angels Models Agency
Celebrating over 15 years of great business

We have been in the industry since 1976.

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