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D’s Eyez Productions is a production company dedicated to servicing industry standard promotion for everyday professionals.

We are loyal to creating, promoting and servicing those seeking to stand out from the rest while promoting your current endeavors. We are dedicated to creating Video Resumes that are industry standard video reels used to self promote your current undertaking, services, and business.

D’s EyeZ Productions realizes that Video Resumes should be a standard for one to stand out from others- attracting potential clients, investors, employees. Everyone from a job seeker, business owner, real estate agent, actor, artists, and promoters can benefit from the use of Video Resumes- where folks alike can view ones professional undertakings uploaded for online marketing or to be placed on our special media cards. It’s the innovative concept of the future where all business men and woman can connect on an aesthetic level of video.

D’s Eyez is committed to display your work, promote our clients’ business and themselves through video with innovative Business Media Cards. Our video resumes are packaged onto Business Media Cards, along with information of your personal and/or your company’s mission, history, and goals.

Win people over with this new age technology!

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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